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The first book in the series, The Supervillain and Me, is set to be released on July 10, 2018. Danielle Banas's publisher, Swoon Reads, has not yet acquired her other three novels, so there are no plans to have those published, though signs indicate that it could be possible for those novels to be edited and published after The Supervillain and Me is published. Danielle Banas has taken down the other two main novels in the Morriston Superheroes series (Caped Crusaders and Behind the Mask) and is leaving Super Charged up as private so that only her followers can see the book.

About the Series
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The Supervillain and Me, along with its sequels (Caped Crusaders, Behind the Mask, and Super Charged) is a book following the crime, superheroes, and villains of Morriston, Pennsylvania. The protagonist of the first book and the only person with a point of view throughout the entire main trilogy is Abigail Hamilton, who struggles to find her place in the world while in the flying shadow of her popular, class-clown older brother, Connor Hamilton, his superhero persona, Red Comet, and her father, Mayor Benjamin Hamilton. But when a mysterious super named the Iron Phantom shows her that her world may be a little more complicated than she thought, Abigail realizes how much of a difference she can make even though she doesn't have the same superpowers as her older brother.

About the Author
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Danielle Banas is a twenty-four year old author native to Pittsburgh. She's written several novels online, though her debut novel, The Supervillain and Me, is set to be released on July 10, 2018. She also had a short story called Truth Be Told published in a larger novel called Once Upon a Now. She has interest in dogs, chocolate, and all things Disney.

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